Principal Message

‘Imparting the education’.

“With all my heart I will thank the Almighty in the assembly of His people, How wonderful are the things the god has done”

The primary aim of Nalanda school is an all around development of the whole person, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social, thus making our students fully human, knowledgeable, loving, forgiving, committed and responsible citizens of our beloved mother land. Through all the activities of our school we develop in our students respect for life, for nature and environment and they are always encouraged to be leaders of Peace and Harmony. The meaningful morning assembly enables our staff and students to be open to god experience, and innovates them to spend every second of the day in fulfilling the mission entrusted to them. We acknowledge with deep gratitude the selfless service and sacrifice towards the building up of this school as it today. The steady growth of the school over the year